Our process is quick and affordable. Two weeks, soup to nuts. We take all you know about your company, crystalize it into a compelling story, then deliver it in form you can use every day. 


You’ll complete our Brand Exercises, providing us the exact information we need to build your brand foundation.


In 10 days you’ll receive your draft and participate in a 1-hour session with a Fortune 500 strategist to refine it.


4 days later you’ll get your final Guide + our Directions, step-by-step instructions on how to use the guide.


A customized and immediately actionable Brand Guide outlining your brand’s foundational elements. And our Directions, to guide you from brand to content – investor deck, logo, website, packaging, etc. 

BRAND GUIDE includes


  • Elevator Pitch

    Your category + differentiation

  • Brand Story

    What you do, how you do it + why you do it

  • Who You Are

    Your brand’s personality

  • How You Speak

    Your brand’s tone of voice

  • How You Look

    Your brand’s visual identity


DriveThru Branding products put brand first — so marketing stays consistent and tells a unified story.


We use your words to craft a singular brand story that is uniquely you — delivered in a form you can use. 


With brand clarity, translate your story across all content on every platform, to any audience. 


In 2 weeks, get exactly what you need to create great content — at a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies. 


We believe all companies – no matter the industry, stage of business or size – should have clarity about their brand. We believe brand is the mothership that unifies how content looks, sounds, feels and behaves — your product, service, social media, PR, advertising, events and even your elevator pitch.


After many years of working in traditional brand agencies, we know that branding services aren’t designed for small and mid-sized companies in today’s fast paced world.


DriveThru is.


We have developed a process and product for today’s new normal – to get teams and content consistently aligned behind one brand – at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional agencies.



Susan is a creative marketer, business strategist and entrepreneur with a deep passion for building teams, companies, products and services. AT DriveThru her goal is to give startups the clarity they need to successfully share their vision with the world. 


DriveThru Branding works with a team of Fortune 500 Brand Strategists. Our expertise covers a wide range of industries and experience. We match our strategists with your needs to ensure the highest level of consultation and deliverables. 

Q’s & A’s.

What is brand?

Brand is the mothership, unifying how you look, sound, feel and act. Brand is NOT your logo or colors or company name. These are only articulations of your brand.

What’s the difference between branding and marketing?

Brand defines who you are. Marketing is the various ways you share who you are with the world. 

What is a Brand Story?

A crystalized, transformed version of your company story. More than a mission statement, it is your reason for being — what you do, how you do it and why it matters.

Why is having a consistent look and feel important?

If you want your company to stick in your consumer’s head, you need to constantly sing the same tune over and over and over….  

Isn’t branding for when my business grows up?

No. The first elevator pitch, the first tweet, the first email you send, is marketing. Don’t spend good money on bad marketing. Start with brand... We guarantee your road will be far smoother.

When should I be thinking about my brand?

Ideally, at the very beginning. By starting with even a simple brand foundation, you’ll have the right tools to get your team aligned behind a clear brand strategy. They’ll all be able to represent your company — through words, content and actions — clearly and consistently.

Doesn’t my designer create my brand?

No. Designers should be using your Brand Guide (and a solid Creative Brief from you), to inform their design choices. A guide provides the WHY. Your logo, colors, design of your website should ALL be based on your brand, not chosen because you and your designer like the color blue. If all your creative resources are starting from the same point, you’ll ensure clarity across the board. 

Isn’t my product and brand the same thing?

Yes and no. Your product is one articulation of your brand. Just like your logo, your name, your website and anything else you create that your audience experiences.

How can I get my creatives to give me what I want?

Write a Creative Brief for EVERYTHING you create. Your brief +  Brand Guide acts as a job description for content.

Can I build my own brand?

Yes and no. To save money, you might be tempted to build your own brand. And there are plenty of step-by-step guides available to help you do this. But you’ll probably end up spending too much time not getting the results you’d hoped for — which is clarity.


When you are deep in, with so many ideas you’d like to communicate, it is a challenge to see the brand through the trees. This is true for everyone — one of our strategists developed our Guide for us!


Brand Strategists have a thorough understanding of consumers, business, culture, marketing and design—as well as years of brand building experience. In a quick amount of time, they are able to distill lots of information into simple and clear ideas, and express those ideas with compelling language and design direction. It’s not as easy as it looks.


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