The High Line

About This Project

DriveThru Branding gives you exactly what you need to move forward. They've figured out a way to cut out all of the unnecessary brand deliverables, at a price that's perfect for small and medium sized businesses.

– Kirk Love,
Chief of Branding and Digital, The High Line




The High Line is an urban space nestled deep in New York’s west side community. A well established, iconic, global landmark, it leverages the world’s best design talent to create one of-a-kind experiences. As the High Line expanded its business, The High Line content felt fragmented. The brand’s true personality wasn’t coming through,and the brand voice felt lost.



Through DriveThru’s proprietary exercises, The High Line’s transformative personality was brought to the surface. The Brand Guide provided the inspirational guidance necessary to translate that personality into a consistent look and feel. And by providing writing tactics, The High Line was able to translate their personality—-magic, optimism and innovation—into all their marketing communications.